Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beach Details

The other day I had a couple hours before I had to be at work so I decided to go for a walk and explore a bit. I love walking around in places that I frequent and turn on the macro setting on my camera. Sometimes you can overlook how beautiful everyday things are. These are some of the photos that I liked.

windy vine
A feather rustling in the breeze
Love the differences in color and texture on this 6in plot of beach
Gulls in flight
Horseshoe crab's shell
West Neck Beach
One thing that stood out to me was how much trash there was. You do not necessarily see it in the photos because a lot of it is small (although there was certainly a good amount of larger items like plastic bags, cigarette packs, etc) but it is there and with every high tide that garbage gets carried out to sea. I had a plastic bag in my car that I retrieved and used to pick up whatever I could. Garbage, especially plastic, is a huge problem for the inhabitants of the sea and the birds and other animals that rely upon them for sustenance. If everyone could just pick up a couple items of trash every time they go to the beach it would make a big difference. I hope this comes into your mind the next time you are in the position to make a difference! :)

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