Thursday, February 26, 2009


Tomorrow is the Powershift conference in Washington, DC and I am majorly stokked! You can check it out at:

I am going with several other people from Binghamton University and it should be a great experience. I am really hoping to learn a lot. Over both weekend days we get to attend some really great-sounding workshops and then Monday, which is Lobby Day, we are going to meet with our elected officials and have a rally in support of alternative energy (which, contrary to popular opinion, does NOT include "clean" coal and biofuels). I made a really cool poster that says: "Don't be biofools!" =)

There are going to be some awesome big name speakers like Bill McKibben and Nancy Pelosi and, I think on Saturday night, The Roots are playing! On Friday there is a job fair that I will be attending in hopes of finding a cool environmentally -related job! It is definitely rough to be graduating with this economy.

I will definitely post about the conference (while I'm there if I can get a computer) and I will post photos when I get back.

Seedling Update!

So the first picture is of the tomatoes that I planted a little over a week ago and they are now starting to sprout up- I am very excited! The next photo is of the beans (as you can tell from the heart-shaped leaves, forgive the poor picture quality!) and it is truly remarkable how quickly they have sprung up. The next photo is of the pot in which lettuce will one day appear. The final photo is of leeks.
I am really glad I thought to take pictures every week so the progress of the plants can be tracked. It's amazing how you remember when something was a seed (or a puppy, or a baby) and it seems they just grow so fast and the seed stage seems like it was a lifetime ago. I'm hoping to better experience ever stage of seed growth through photography.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Performance Day

Today in my Poetry and Drama in Performance class (same one that I'm writing the Citizen Cope paper for) we performed our assigned scenes from the choreopoem "For Black Girls who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf" by Ntozake Shange.
Last week we were put in groups and assigned a certain section to act out. I was a part of the scene in which this woman talks about being a young black girl in St. Louis in 1955. It was so much fun to do and I was very pleased that the performance went well. I had to have a southern accent (which was a LOT of fun) and I memorized all my lines. I was very proud of myself since I've never performed anything like that before.
I'm starting to see a whole other side to theater and am becoming quite interested in it. It is such an amazing medium for self-expression!
It was one thing to read the choreopoem but it is something entirely different to see it acted out or to act it out yourself. Seeing it performed, after reading it, made me realize how some works are meant to be read but others are just not able to be fully understood without being physically performed. This class is probably one of my favorite classes I've taken in college.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Growing Things!

I'm taking an agroecology class this semester and we get to grow some of our own stuff which is very exciting. I've worked on a farm but only used a push seeder and haven't had the experience of tracking a seed to a seedling to a plant (hopefully bearing fruit!) day by day.

Yesterday we planted two types of lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, leeks, and peppers. The seeds come from a company in Maine because, as my professor wisely pointed out, it's important to get seeds from a place that has a climate similar to the one in which you will be planting them. That's such an obvious statement but it is something that could easily be overlooked.

I will take pictures of the seedlings as they come up and post them for you (whoever reads this, haha) to see. They are indoors right now in a classroom under a wide-spectrum light. We took soil from a professor's garden, from an indoor compost bucket (worms included!) and from the earth outside the classroom and mixed it together for the plants to grow in. This way we are hoping to get a good balance of nutrients to help the seeds grow. We all named the worms that made it into our pots. My worm's name is Fredrick and I told him I'm entrusting him with the health of my little seeds so I hope he helps them grow. I'm definitely going to talk to them to encourage them to grow and be healthy! I don't care if people think it's strange! They'll see: My plants will be the healthiest, haha. =)

No but really, I think it is very interesting how plants seem to respond to being talked to and to classical music. I need to look into that more.

Avant-Garde Makeup

SO i just stumbled upon something AWESOME called the Colorful Cosmetic Design Contest that is held each year in Beijing; thats where the above pictures are from. I love funky makeup so much. I wish it was more socially acceptable for people to walk around with crazyyy cool makeup. It's such a great form of artistic expression! Although, some of the headdresses (ie the first photo) seem a bit uncomfortable but the concept is fantastic! =)

Monday, February 16, 2009

First Posting!

Hey There,
So I've started a blog to talk about what I'm up to and to
have a place to stick cool info that I find about all the
topics I am interested in. For a performance class that I'm
taking this semester I get to write a research paper on one
performance artist who inspires me. I am writing my paper
on Citizen Cope because I find his music to be so
incredibly genuine and touching. It's so easy to relate to
and his beats are sweeeet. Above is the cover of his most
recent album (which is amazing). I've been really hoping to
see him live but unfortunately he isn't playing anywhere
nearby any time soon.
Cope: Come to Binghamton!!!

I don't know if it's because of where I am in my life right
now or what but for some reason his music speaks to me
in a way that is so personal. His ability to express himself
through his music is incredible- he is truly eloquent.