Saturday, September 5, 2009

Oh My Goodness!!

Well I would like to start out by saying thank you to my followers for not leaving me! I hope at least some of you check in sometime soon bc I love hearing your thoughts and having your support!

It has been extremely hectic for me. A brief run-down of my life since my last blog is that I had my graduation party; I said goodbye to all of my lovely Harborside Vet co-workers/boss and then to my family and friends; I got picked up by Tyler in NY; Ty and I went on a week-long trip across the country to Montana (we took the "Southern" route, hahaha); I floated rivers and played frisbee gold; I flew to Virginia with Tyler for his brother's wedding; I went "boat camping" except we didn't make it past Bigfork because the thunder and lighting would not desist; I got a position through Americorps working in Missoula with the Clark Fork Watershed Education Program (CFWEP); I worked extremely diligently on my garden; I did sub work at a preschool; I got a bicycle(!); I started running again; I got semi-settled in Missoula but now I'm moving again to an apt while Tyler's mom, Kitty, stays in her house for the fall semester while she's at school. So, it's definitely not an excuse for not keeping up with this blog, especially because I love it so much, but it does provide some kind of reasoning. Oy!

This is definitely my everything blog. The content is so diverse, covering everything from gardening and recipes to crafts to fashion to art to politics and philosophical thoughts and that's the way I like it. I have such varied interests. I have never been able to fit into a mold the way many people seem to be able to do. I don't hang out with a certain type of person. I don't listen to a certain type of music. I don't constrain myself to any particular political party. I don't wear only a certain type of clothing. I haven't had some crazy fascination with an obscure type of fish that has been driving me my whole life to further study, meaning, I'm taking time off before graduate school because I am interested in so many different things. One of my biggest flaws is my tendency to spread myself too thin. I have time to do some community service but I get so excited that I do too many things and consequently don't end up doing any of them particularly well. I'm definitely working on that. I'm just trying to figure everything out right now in my life because I'm basically starting from scratch. It is definitely very difficult at times but I'm hoping that if I do what my heart tells me, what feels right to me, then I will end up in a good place... eventually. As for right now, it's just me doin' my thang and hoping i get it right. I just got a sweet cowboy hat and that turned out alright! :)

I love being in Montana. I love living in a place where people go outside as a part of their normal routine that doesn't necessarily involve cars. There are so many people on bikes around here and, as a result, the city just painted all of these new bike lanes into the streets! It's great! I love the sky here, I love the weather, I love that there is a river that goes right through the heart of this city, I love that the people have such pride in where they live and consequently they value and fight for it to continue in that manner. I love that there are two farmers markets on Saturdays and that they both get so much support from the community. I just haven't had much exposure to places like this so it's hard for me not to gawk and talk about it so much! I mean seriously, just look at this sky! <3 Love to all