Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fun Things

I bought the shoes as a graduation present for myself :)

The rest of the photos are Dior couture creations that I absolutely adore. I love the makeup on the close-up models too. I wish I could always have funky eye makeup like that!

Oh Goodness!

So I guess I took a brief hiatus from the blog. I blame it on my finals! They ruined any sense of normalcy or routine in my life! But they were the last of my undergraduate career, which is exciting. I graduated on May 17th from Binghamton University. It's strange to have such a definitive mark of change in my life. It's strange to leave the life I had with my 5 apartment-mates to whom I have grown so close. It was like having sisters, which I really enjoyed since I am an only child. I am very grateful to all of them for contributing so greatly to my senior year; what a blessing!

SO, now I'm back on Long Island preparing for the big garage/moving sale next weekend, for my graduation party the following weekend, and finally for the roadtrip on which I will embark with my boyfriend, Tyler, to Montana where I will be residing. I guess it is a big deal that I am moving across the country and away from my family but the way I see it, I'm just doing what feels right and I've just got to trust that. I have definitely been getting a lot of flack about the move. I cannot even count how many times I've been asked, "but why MONTANA?" I am seriously thinking about writing up an FAQ sheet to which I can refer people when they ask! I don't know why so many people need me to justify myself to them. It's life! That is my short answer. I'm living! And Montana is beautiful!

Since I've been home I've been very lucky to get a bunch of hours at the animal hospital. It is very comforting to have that income to help pad the move. It's soon going to be me and my man and my dog on the road... so exciting! We're thinking we'll go down through Maryland and Virgina to Ohio, Georgia, and Alabama, and then up into Tennessee, where we'll stop in Nashville to visit some family. From there we'll go through Kentucky to Missouri and ride along the Iowa/Nebraska border until we reach South Dakota, Wyoming and finally... Montana! Tyler and I plan to spend most of the nights either camping or couchsurfing but we want to stay in a nice, old fashioned B&B for one night as a treat.