Thursday, February 26, 2009

Seedling Update!

So the first picture is of the tomatoes that I planted a little over a week ago and they are now starting to sprout up- I am very excited! The next photo is of the beans (as you can tell from the heart-shaped leaves, forgive the poor picture quality!) and it is truly remarkable how quickly they have sprung up. The next photo is of the pot in which lettuce will one day appear. The final photo is of leeks.
I am really glad I thought to take pictures every week so the progress of the plants can be tracked. It's amazing how you remember when something was a seed (or a puppy, or a baby) and it seems they just grow so fast and the seed stage seems like it was a lifetime ago. I'm hoping to better experience ever stage of seed growth through photography.


  1. Wow! They look good. You'll be eating tomatoes in no time at all. When you get to the west, you can have a big garden and try all kinds of things.

  2. Hey! Frederick did his job pretty well. That, and the classical music probably helped too. :) They look good.