Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It Flows Like a River

It Flows Like a River 
by Marisol Maddox

The River Speaks.
The River speaks if you have ears enough to listen,
Some intrinsic understanding of
The cochlear resonance of an aquatic snail.

The River flows.
It spins tales,
Tells histories and legends.

Take a gander.
Peer into the riverbed.
See how the rocks reveal the faces
Of those who have come and gone,
Of those whose blood has spilled, and
Mixing with the alluvium
Has manifested new life.
Broken stone; Bone

The reflection of light.
Rivers converge.
A momentarily perfect fractal.

I see the ancient fish of time
Their echoes still resonate off the banks,
Their faint whispers are like secrets.

The cold, clear water is
Beautiful without trying.
Perfect without trying.
The sagacious River flows on,
A casual lesson in persistence.

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