Friday, September 17, 2010

A Description of the Premise of the Epic Adventure

Okay so let me explain what Tyler and I are doing. We left September 15th with our dog Hanz planning on travelling for three months in our Springdale 179 travel trailer. We first headed down to the Bitterroot valley to work at Lifeline Dairy in Victor, MT. We are planning on travelling all the way down to the US/ Mexico border, stopping to work on farms for food and experience, visiting all the national parks, and visiting family and friends along the way. I am aiming to write every single day on my computer but I won't have internet most of the time so I will update the blog every chance I get. Tyler and I both wanted to take this chance to explore the American southwest and meet as many different kinds of people and experience as many different types of lifestyles as possible. In every place that we stop I want to learn something about the area and hopefully get some recipes to add to my collection. We are going to stop at farmers markets and roadside stands to sample the local goods and see if a carrot tastes different in Idaho than it tastes in Montana. We also want plenty of time for reflection so we can figure out which of the many directions we want our lives to take. I have so many interests that it has been hard for me to decide what it is exactly that I want to do with my life. I am considering veterinary school, even though it would be a huge time commitment (7 years to be exact) so I will be shadowing different types of veterinarians along the way. In Montana I shadowed an equine vet several times, and I've worked at a small animal veterinary clinic in Halesite, NY for a long time and I am looking forward to adding a marine mammal vet to my list. This trip is not being embarked upon for any particular reason but rather for a huge collective number of reasons. Each of the blogs that I post will follow our trip along the road.

Let the Journey Begin!

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