Monday, April 6, 2009

On a Lighter Note...

The above are photos from the Bloodnick Family Farm run by Lisa and Brendan Bloodnick- a very nice couple. I was absolutely amazed because they had such an incredible operation set up and, wait for it... they are DEBT FREE. Oh My Gosh. I didn't even think that was possible with farming, haha. I made sure to ask them a bunch of questions and tried to really understand their operation so as to learn from them.

If I was going to be in New York state this summer I would definitely intern with them! Unfortunately that won't work out though because I will be moving to Montana. I can't believe I'm graduating in a month and then moving across the country! It's scary because the job market sucks but it's exciting because I know something will work out since I work hard. It's overall pretty exciting!

My agriculture class has visited a couple working farms to get a better idea of how they function holistically. I find it fascinating to look at the farm system as a closed loop and account for all of the inputs and outputs that make the farm viable in the long run. I love visiting new farms to see the different techniques farmers use to manage their unique set-up. I've really come to understand that there is no by-the-book technique that every farmer could follow in a fail-proof manner. Farming techniques are very unique to the geographic positioning, type of land and soil, predators, etc. I cannot wait to have some land of my own so I can really start to grow a good amount of my own food and have animals. I love baby goats and lambs so much! They are so cute and cuddly! eeeeeck!


  1. Those photos of the lamb are too adorable! And just in time for Easter. Thank-you for visiting my blog. I would love to be neighbors and do fun creative projects. You could totally help me with my garden. Where are you moving out west? I am in WA state.

  2. That little lamb has the sweetest face ever! Thanks for stopping by Willow Manor. :^)

  3. The lamb is so cute! Wow, debt-free farmers that's rare these days!

  4. I was looking for an e-mail link to you but didn't find one. Anyway, too cool you're moving to Missoula! I know several people who have gone to school there. I have a friend about your age who graduated from there a couple years ago and is in your field, actually. Anyway, if you make it further west to Spokane we'll have to link up!
    You will enjoy the drive I'm sure. (I used to live in N.Y. by the way, once at West Point once near Watertown (yuck))