Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jon Stewart and Danby State Forest

Jon Stewart came to my campus this past Friday night for a stand-up comedy performance and I was SO excited! He is so hilarious.

On the way inside, after waiting online for a while to get in my friend Karen and I realized that we had our cameras in our bags but none were allowed inside. The security people were totally adamant about not letting us in with them but we had nowhere to put them since we had walked from our apartment so I went outside, dug a little hole and buried them, hahaha. I made sure no one was looking when i did it so they wouldn't steal them and then i tried very hard to remember where I put them. Luckily we found them afterwards just fine and I was very proud of myself for thinking of that!

In my poetry and drama in performance class we are reading King Lear by Shakespeare and were recently discussing the role of the Fool. He is basically the most upfront, honest and unpretentious character in the play and he's mainly able to get away with that because of his title. He is able to say things to the king and others that are controversial but it's okay because he's just a fool, so what does he know? We expanded on the role of the fool and applied it to our society and I realized the same concept remains true. If a politician said some of the things that Jon Stewart said on Friday night he would be crucified but Jon Stewart is able to get away with it because he's just a comedian, an entertainer. I think that is a really interesting and ironic concept that is remains consistently applicable to society.

The day after the Jon Stewart performance I went for a hike at Danby State Forest with one of the hiking classes that run through my work at Outdoor Pursuits. It was an absolutely beautiful 60 degree day with clear blue skies. It felt great to stretch my legs for the 8.6mi hike. I love hiking so much; i want to just strap on a pack and keep walking!

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