Monday, January 10, 2011

Explanation of Purpose and Format

I wanted to post this entry to explain the format of my blog because it has experienced changes since I have arrived in New York. I started out on the journey in September, writing every day and posting almost as often. Quickly I got behind on my postings because with travelling and doing so much I didn't have enough time to post every day and I didn't have access to internet that often. I have been slowly posting the entries that I wrote every day, doing research on the areas that I visited, and selecting photographs to enrich the quality of the overall blog entries and to supplement the text.

Now that I am in New York and taking a break from travelling for over a month I have found myself wanting to write about my life at home. So I have been alternately posting journal entries from the days on the road and musings on life in New York and all the things that entertain my thoughts while I am home.

It should be fairly easy to distinguish the two types of entries:

The Travel Adventure entries include the Day number in their title. There's a journal for every day we have been away from home in Missoula, MT. (Ex- "Day 24: Alligator Rodeo, UFOs & Canoeing Down Sand Dunes:"

The present-day musings are more simply titled (Ex- "Merry Christmas!"

I hope that has cleared up any confusion that any of you might have experienced. I hope you are all off to a good start in this new year!

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